Analytics and Reporting

Google tracks how long users who visit your site will stay on it and bases search positioning on their behaviours.

Why You Need Analytics

We all know that the purpose of SEO is to drive more users to your website but once they get there you need to know how they behave. It’s no use having hundreds of new visitors if you’re not making conversions (sales). You may find that visitors are coming to your site for the wrong reason, perhaps for information rather than commerce, or that despite having numerous visitors you find they all leave as soon as they arrive.

This is why it is absolutely essential to setup and monitor an analytics package with your site. Analytics has the capacity to help you understand why the visitors to your site may not be behaving in the way in which you’d like them to.

Google tracks how long users who visit your site will stay on it and bases search positioning on their behaviours; so whether they leave immediately, stay for a while or bookmark your page – these are all monitored by Google and used to rank you.

Because of this it’s absolutely essential you are able to monitor visitor behaviour, or the visibility of your site will slip and pretty soon those visits you do have will dry up entirely. Once you know you have a problem it shouldn’t be too difficult to fix it; whether it’s your content that needs freshening up, the layout of the site that needs an overhaul or a myriad of other potential factors.

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Content Strategy

  • Internal linking – allowing the search engine to flow into other relevant pages of information.
  • Add FAQ/Glossary if applicable niche.
  • Add keywords to existing content.
  • Image optimisation.  Alt tag optimisation – descriptive text to highlight what the images are within the site.
  • Content and site structure optimisation – additional content focused towards the targeted key phrases to be implemented where applicable.
  • Curate and / or create and embed rich media e.g. video, infographics.

What can analytics show you?

  • Exactly where your visitors came from
  • How long they spend on your site
  • What keywords were most successful in attracting visitors
  • Which paid ads were able to attract the most visitors
  • Which of your pages gains the most visibility and is the most popular
  • Which section of your website is making the most money for you
  • Which pages visitors click-through and which pages they are choosing to leave on
  • And a lot, lot more!

With this incredibly detailed information available to you it’s much easier to make business decisions that can directly affect your bottom line.

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