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Flexible SEO training for individuals or companies – we offer private courses in our offices at Sussex SEO in Brighton. All our training courses are taught by the same trainer we use for our in house training. Training is hands on and geared towards an individual’s skill set. We offer ongoing post course support to those who want to put their training into practice. Our training focuses on organic SEO which is our speciality.

Every brand is doing their best to get to the top of Google; an understanding of what factors rank your business website are essential to its success. Looking to understand search engine optimisation? Are you an individual or company that is involved in hiring SEO executives or SEO firms and need to have a Standard understanding of what it entails? Are you returning to the field and keen to update your SEO knowledge to the current standard? Are you in charge of a project that requires some SEO knowledge to achieve your current goals?

Look no further than Sussex SEO. We are based in Brighton and are experts at organic SEO. For the first time we are opening our offices to the public and offering training in both Standard and advanced organic SEO techniques.

Course cost is £450 per person and comes with follow up sessions included.

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Standard Course

Our Standard Courses will help you understand what a search engine actually is, how to optimise and perform onsite optimisation as well as an understanding of links and how to use them to boost your ranking. You will learn how to set up a WordPresssite and by the time the course is finished you should have a roadmap of instructions which you can follow to get any business website close to a page one ranking. You will receive follow up support once the class is finished to ensure you are able to put what you have learned into practice. If you wish to learn more advanced techniques then we offer an advanced course that can ensure you win that coveted number one spot.

What SEO techniques will I learn?

By the end of our Standard course you’ll be able to:

  • Put into place a first SEO campaign for your business website
  • Gain a clear understanding of what Google is and how the algorithm has evolved since its inception
  • Explain the distinction between local and national search within Google
  • Learn the importance of keyword research and how to perform competitor analysis
  • Discover how SEO is affected by server and hosting considerations
  • Learn the basics of onsite SEO and how to optimise page content to give the search engine the clearest ranking signal for your commercial niche
  • Gain an understanding of why link building is important, how to grade and select links that are appropriate and what anchor text to use
  • Learn to use SEO resources such as Google Web Master Tools

Who Should Take This Course?

Are you a business professional who needs a working understanding of SEO to deal with that important team, individual or project? Are you a marketing professional who wants to expand to the digital sphere? Are you an IT professional who feels they’d like to branch out into SEO?

At Sussex SEO ourintensive one day standard course has been designed to give you an understanding of SEO basics and Google best practice.

Standard Course Overview

An introduction to SEO

  • Setting the tone – an introduction to the history of search engines
  • SEO concepts & terminology
  • An overview of the Google SERPS
  • How to measure SEO success; KPIs and tracking goals
    • Analytics
    • Google search console
    • Tag manager
    • Adwords
    • SERP Tracking
  • What makes a website rank and how to feed the search engine

Onsite phase

  • Technical SEO basics
    • Redirects
    • Site speed
    • Canonical tags
    • SEO tools
    • Tracking tools
    • Link building tools
    • Content tools
  • Basic SILO theory &URL structures
  • Navigation & internal linking
  • Page structure
    • Title tags
    • Meta descriptions
    • Heading tags
    • SEO copywriting & keyword density
    • OG Tags
    • An introduction to schema
    • Rich media
    • Image naming conventions, alt and title tagging
    • Duplicate content issues

Research phase

  • An overview of keyword research and the tools required to perform it
  • Competitor analysis and its importance

Strategy phase

  • Carrying out an SEO audit
  • Building your SEO strategy

Offsite phase

  • Foundation link building
  • Link building an overview
    • What is it?
    • How it works
    • An overview of pagerank
    • Correct use of anchor text
    • Follow and no-follow backlinks
  • Goal reviewing and activity amending


Advanced Course

Advanced SEO Techniques

Our advanced course includes SEO secrets that will give you the edge so you can fine tune your site to beat any competitor.

You’ll learn how to rank for local search, how to easily insert structured data and tag entities, how to create a silo structure, in how to optimise for the semantic web by providing an understanding of Google’s natural language processing machine learning algorithm (the Rankbrain component of Hummingbird).

These techniques will allow you to understand how to optimise your site for searches originating from voice commands i.e. Google Home, Siri, Alexa etc – Google estimates these now comprise over 20% of all searches and this will only increase as this technology becomes yet more fully integrated with our daily lives.

Advanced Course Overview

On our Advanced Course you will learn:

  • Google algorithm updates – What are they? How do they work?
  • Rich Snippets and how to target them – A detailed overview
  • Advanced technical SEO – What is it?
  • Site audits & site audit tools
  • Local search optimisation
  • International search optimisation
  • Mobile SEO and page speed
  • SEO Tools – An advanced overview
  • Content Marketing
  • Topic relevance & matching search intent
  • UX design and how it affects SEO (Rankbrain)

Advanced Technical SEO

  • Crawling and indexation
  • Crawl errors and redirection tools
  • Hreflang tags and targeting international audiences
  • Schema and structured data mark-up
  • OG tags and how to set them
  • Canonicalisation
  • Pagination vs infinite scroll
  • Page speed advanced overview
  • Advanced mobile site optimisation
  • Priming your site to rank
    • Foundation link building
    • PPC
    • Social profiles
  • Advanced link building techniques
    • What Google is looking for
    • No-follow vsdo-followlinks
    • Types of link building
    • Age & traffic
    • How to avoid the sandbox


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