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Link generation is fundamental to all of our optimisation campaigns here at Sussex SEO.

Link Building; Quality Not Quantity

The nature of the optimisation industry has changed a lot as Google and other search providers constantly revise the algorithms they use for scoring and ranking websites. Google now use as many as 200 different factors to determine the order of the results. Despite these changes the use of incoming hyperlinks to your site is still one of the key ways in which Google decides its visibility. In days gone by link building really did involve ‘building’ links. In today’s world creating hundreds of links from dummy sites is an ineffectual method of increasing your page’s visibility.

At Sussex SEO we know that ‘link building’ is really about ‘link generation’ – ensuring your site provides compelling reasons to attract links rather than simply creating false ones.

To do this you must first understand your key demographic or audience, the reasons why they may wish to visit your site and what’s going to make them share it with others.

On most cases this is going to be down to the quality of your content. Quite simply the right kind of content of the right kind of quality attracts the right kind of links. At Sussex SEO we’ll assist you to build online relationships, create this magnetic content, maximise referral traffic, increase visibility of the brand while improving the relevancy of your website to ensure it ranks as highly as possible.

Links; How We Can Help You

Link generation is fundamental to all of our optimisation campaigns here at Sussex SEO. In conjunction with a multitude of other key factors our expert team will assist in creating a link generating strategy that is tailored to the needs of your business. Our experts will help you define your link building objectives, identify the key audiences and influencers in your industry sector and develop a successful method to attract the right kind of backlinks through a variety of specialised means. The most important aspect of our SEO philosophy here at Sussex SEO is that we work on creating a natural link profile that once in place will continue to support itself – because it’s based on the true relevancy and quality of your site rather than out dated ‘tricks’ or short term SEO solutions.

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Penguin / Panda

Since Google’s most recent updates to its ranking algorithm known as Pengiun/Panda, sites with links coming from high quality content and branded links are rewarded far more than the traditional forms of link building which are far less effective than they used to be, in fact traditional forms of link building can cause a sites rankings to drop as many of those types of links are now ignored.

Sussex SEO uses a phased link building approach. All link building is intended to be PANDA/PENGUIN algorithm friendly. Every effort is make to ensure link profiles are be kept natural ensuring deep linking and a natural anchor text link profile that makes use of in-exact match, long tail and benign anchor text such as “click here”, URLS, and company names.

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