TV Advert Production

TV advertising used to be the exclusive territory of major brands with huge budgets. The way the landscape has shifted over the last decade means much smaller companies can gain huge advantages from the medium.

The Current State of Play

TV advertising used to be a very expensive business, with production and media budgets spiraling into the six and seven figures. Thanks to the advent of digital channels and other technologies, prices have dipped significantly and the field has been opened to SMEs.

Costs for getting on minor channels or on ITV regionally allow for a highly cost effective and targeted way of instantly reaching thousands of potential customers. For example if your product was a clothing line for the over 50s, you could advertise on ITV3, aimed at the affluent over 50s market specifically.

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TV Advertising as a Medium

TV advertising is considered to be the most effective way to create profit, drive sales and deliver return on investment of any advertising medium. A campaign of 400 TVRs* delivers 234 million views. The results of a TV campaign are immediate (particularly with a direct response campaign) and the benefit accumulates the longer that the advert is on TV. The longer you advertise, the better the effect.

Another benefit is the knock on effect to other types of marketing. TVs ability to permeate into the consciousness of viewers builds brand awareness which reflects well on other marketing – particularly online. Also TV is everywhere – both in and out of the home. Everywhere you go there are TV screens, that amount of exposure means that brands are constantly built off the back of the medium.

The Future

TV advertising may seem to be under siege from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube.The reality is that TV viewing is still extremely high across the age groups and interestingly, TV viewing dominates 16-24 viewing habits – they watch on average 3 and a half hours a day. The future certainly seems to be a combination of TV advertising and online, with multiscreening increasing year on year. There is an emotional attachment and engagement that people have with good TV advert production – just look at the fuss that’s made over the John Lewis advert at Christmas!

*A TVR is a TV Rating point – it means a given percentage of a base population watching a TV programme where that base is defined as 1) a given target audience in 2) a given TV region or area


Multiscreen is an important buzzword in marketing nowadays, people frequently sit in front of their TV using their laptops, phones and tablets – allowing the message to be directed from the screen straight onto people’s other devices. TV is a point of sales medium sitting in the middle of our living rooms.

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