Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management can increase visibility, build up brand equity, and help generate advocacy all while building your online reputation.

If your personal or business reputation has been damaged by negative reviews, unfair comments or any other negative press then we at Sussex SEO can work with you to drive down these negative search results so they are no longer dominating your online profile.

A good online reputation is essential for your business to be a success. We have the means to repair and to protect your reputation here at Sussex SEO.

We begin by analysing the full extent of the damage to your reputation. Once we understand how extensive this is, and if the negative press is still on-going we create an appropriate recovery plan tailored to your individual needs. Once an ORM project has been successfully completed, search results will need to be monitored. Just because we have worked with a client to bury a problem does not mean it as gone away.

URL’s containing negative sentiment have a habit of re-appearing if left unchecked. Google frequently performs algorithmic changes / improvements. Techniques used to suppress a search result may become less effective over time or stop working altogether. Additionally a suppressed URL may become more authoritative for any number of reasons. A client’s branded/money keywords will need to be monitored and action taken quickly should an undesirable URL resurface or start climbing.

Just because we have buried the problem doesn’t mean it has gone away. Branded/money keywords will need to be monitored and action taken should one of the articles re-surface.

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