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Every business relies on marketing to attract new customers. Marketing success can be easily achieved through search engine optimisation or SEO. Where SEO used to focus mostly on content marketing and usable website, in recent years it has shifted towards link building strategies that connect different web pages.   A link building strategy should therefore … Continued

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The coronavirus pandemic has provided companies around the globe with a consistent number of issues in need of urgent addressing. From changes to internal communication processes to accessing servers from a remote premises, while the rise of home working throughout the pandemic may have largely been seen as a good thing, the question marks that … Continued

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Speed is one of the most important factors that determine the user’s satisfaction with a website. If your site loads quickly, you can deliver your service to the visitor effectively. But with so many WordPress hosting providers, it can be difficult to choose the fastest and most efficient one. Here’s a guide to help you … Continued

It is not hard to see why video is popular these days. For one, video is an easy to digest format, that gives your eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information found online. This is why the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube per day. In this post, we will highlight … Continued

E-commerce has forever changed the way in which we do business, this change has affected every aspect of business and it is essential for companies to stay in tune with the latest trends in order to remain profitable. E-commerce platforms make it possible for an unprecedented number of businesses to sell their products and services … Continued

Having a strong online presence and an SEO reseller program in place is essential for any business that wants to succeed and keep up with the competition. And while knowing how to skyrocket your website and make it visible to your target audience is essential, that’s no longer enough. According to a report by StatCounter, … Continued

Time and time again, we hear someone say content is king. The phrase has been overused and beaten to the bush, but where digital marketing is concerned, it’s incredibly relevant. At face value, content marketing seems like a piece of cake, doesn’t it? All you need to is write a couple of blog posts, add … Continued

In the modern business world so much of what matters now happens online. The internet, advances in smartphone tech, and changes in consumer shopping habits have all made this true. When you also factor in blogs and social media, it is key to see why what happens online matters so much now. The issue that … Continued

It wasn’t all that long ago that links were king in SEO, and to an extent they still are. Having high-quality incoming links from sites that are closely related to your niche is a good way to grow your presence online and to improve your position in the search engines. It’s easy for novice marketers … Continued

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Google Ads has a number of different settings available that can have a dramatic affect on your Pay Per Click performance.  One of the most overlooked elements within Google ads is the language setting.  Table Of Contents:1  –  Where Most People Go Wrong2  –  How Google Defines Language3  –  Analyse Your Data Before and After Making Changes4  … Continued