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Speed is one of the most important factors that determine the user’s satisfaction with a website. If your site loads quickly, you can deliver your service to the visitor effectively. But with so many WordPress hosting providers, it can be difficult to choose the fastest and most efficient one. Here’s a guide to help you … Continued

It is not hard to see why video is popular these days. For one, video is an easy to digest format, that gives your eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information found online. This is why the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube per day. In this post, we will highlight … Continued

E-commerce has forever changed the way in which we do business, this change has affected every aspect of business and it is essential for companies to stay in tune with the latest trends in order to remain profitable. E-commerce platforms make it possible for an unprecedented number of businesses to sell their products and services … Continued

Time and time again, we hear someone say content is king. The phrase has been overused and beaten to the bush, but where digital marketing is concerned, it’s incredibly relevant. At face value, content marketing seems like a piece of cake, doesn’t it? All you need to is write a couple of blog posts, add … Continued

Google Ads has a number of different settings available that can have a dramatic affect on your Pay Per Click performance.  One of the most overlooked elements within Google ads is the language setting.  Where Most People Go Wrong Most advertisers tend to think that if the website, keywords and search ads are in English then … Continued

We all tend to be attracted to different things, right? Well, that is human nature.  How many sites have you visited in the past 24 hours? Did you revisit them? Actually, why are you on this site? We bump into various websites on a daily basis; however, if we choose to revisit the site, then … Continued

Reputation is critical to the success of any business. People pay attention to what is being said about your business and this largely influences their decision to buy from you. The good news is that in today’s world, you can use social media to effectively control how people see you in the marketplace and properly … Continued

The fifth confirmed release of Google’s Penguin Algo filter just hit a few weeks ago.

Is it true that Google will effectively penalise mobile-unfriendly sites from April 21, 2015? It would appear so according to Google…. When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile … Continued

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