Do Follow Facebook Links & Parasite SEO

 DISCLAIMER:  Since writing this post, it transpires the do-follow link is placed in an iFrame (something I was not aware of at the time of writing the article).  This means no link juice from Facebook.   I’ve left the article in place as the parasite SEO data is still valid.

This is a pretty nice little trick for getting a do-follow link from Facebook. (usually no-follow).


The app works by allowing you to embed a static block of HTML into your Facebook page.   Any links you place in the HTML are DO-Follow which means they pass page rank.

Considering that Facebook is a PR9 domain with a huge amount of trust / page rank, the potential from one of these links is significant.

To make the most of this opportunity you need to have a basic understanding of parasite SEO.

What is Parasite SEO

When you add a page to Facebook or any other social network for that matter is generally passes very little SEO value even though the root domain is PR9.  To extract SEO value from your page/profile you need to understand a little about the architecture of social networks and how Pagerank/Trust works.

Pagerank / Trust passes through links like water through pipes.  By identifying niche relevant high ‘page rank’ / trusted pages any  social network and interactively engaging that content, page rank / trust is siphoned back to your page/profile and then back to your website if there is a do-follow link in place.

To clarify.  Any time you friend, like, favourite, share, repost, retweet, reblog, poke or nudge another users content on an authority page within a social network; a link is created between their page and your own within that social network. Page rank/trust flows back to the your profile through those links.

This mechanism is known as parasite SEO and can be used to rank “branded websites” linked to from any respective social platform/web 2.0.

By adding unique keyword rich/niche content to each social platform in the form of text, images, videos and interactively engaging other users you create a ranking signal for Google. Whist each of these functions have a different name, they all share one common trait.  Every time you take any action on a social network a link is created from the page you commented on or liked back to your page/profile.

Finding Authority Pages On Social Networks.

This is a lot easier than you would think.  I would recommend getting the “Majestic SEO Toolbar” for your browser to check the trust/citation flow of the pages you are looking at.   Simply goto Google and type “ keyword”

Google will return a list of the most authoritative pages.  For example “ marketing Brighton”  Scan through the results, filter each page then start dropping comments, liking pages sharing posting.  Your page will quickly start collecting link juice and Google’s classifier/judge algorithms will view it as a relevant link which will in turn give your site a nice boost not to mention the likes / exposure you’ll receive from the companies you do this to.