We all tend to be attracted to different things, right? Well, that is human nature.  How many sites have you visited in the past 24 hours? Did you revisit them? Actually, why are you on this site? We bump into various websites on a daily basis; however, if we choose to revisit the site, then it’s a plus. This, therefore, leaves you with the curiosity of what exactly would attract a visitor to your website.  Just read this article to the end and voila! You will have a recipe for the same.

Content is one of the most vital aspects that attract a visitor to your site. This calls for you to have compelling, error-free content. For you to achieve this, you need to know in detail and be conversant with your audience. Know what exactly they need and therefore provide them with a solution to their problem. Trust me most people visit websites in pursuit of answers. So, give them exactly that.  Put your words in a different format, be visual in your writing, enough to paint a mental picture of what you are saying.

We’re visual beings, so make your graphics and photos off the hook! Yes, you heard me, off the hook. Make the pictures outstanding. I simply mean go out of your way and be creative. There is technically no shortcut or cheat code for this. It’s either you make it captivating or CAPTIVATING.

If your website is new, make use of affiliate programs. This is a way of getting already established websites to create traffic for you.  Use your affiliate websites to send people or potential visitors to your site through banner ads, links, and pop-ups. How many times have you clicked on a link, and it redirects you to an entirely different site, it works. The greatest advantage of using this method is the fact that your affiliate does all the selling whereas your sales increase on a daily basis. It’s a win situation.

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient tools in the internet platform. Come to think of it, according to Zephoria Digital Marketing over 1.65 billion people use Facebook consistently on a monthly basis, most of whom are on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This, therefore, gives your website a potential freelance audience. What do you need to do? Link your site to the various social media platform, and each time you update your website content share the link on your social media.  There is power in social media marketing, Trust me.

Each time I visit a website I tend to encounter pop up registrations, have you?  This is an efficient way for the site to send follow up emails to one time visitors enlightening the on future content they may be interested in.

Websites need to cater to people and audiences of various preferences and this could mean great content or great user experience. This simply means you go viral. Literally, go out of your way to create podcasts, make videos, create banners, make animations and any forms of communications. Ensure that you capture all domains of social media platforms and cater for every potential. There will be something for everyone.

Make and state your case clear. Give every visitor a reason to spend the next minute of their time on your site. Be unique and sell the uniqueness of your site as the first and foremost a guest sees the moment they drop by your site. Unique always sells. Give them something new. Websites are like clothes; we love them unique, appealing and trendy. Sell yourself different nothing short of that. Make your site clear and pretty as well.

Availability and consistency. Honestly, how annoying is it when you visit a site today, and tomorrow you get the disclaimer that the web content is not available. Consistency increases referral, and therefore that increases the number of visitors on your website. If you create a website, be willing to keep it afloat.  Once you launch your site, it’s a go!

As crazy as this may sound, give some of your work on your website for free. We all love free things once in a while. Therefore, you will find people tending to visit sites that offer them something for free contrary to the strictly sales website. Give away some free or trial content, and you will find an increase in the number of visitors on your site. Everyone values a free offer promo.

Finally, the online world and the entire cyberspace is an attention economy. Attention is the epitome of your existence online and therefore each day websites launch online making it scarcer. Hence, if you really want people to pay attention to your website, you need your businesses to rank at the top of Google.  Thank me later!